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Save up to 30% of bedding. Save up to 50% of time

Patented worldwide first electric muck-out fork

Gabelmaxx features

Details concerning the patented electric muck-out fork

English Handbook

This handbook ist built up in several languages, also in German and English and contains pictures

14.4 Volt High performance Accumulator

The high performance accumulator is exchangeable and keeps circa 5 hours.

Efficient Engine

The efficient engine is durable and designed robustly.

German engineered

The electric mucking-out fork was designed and tested in Germany/Bavaria

Lightweight construction, only 1680 gramms

Gabelmaxx is not significantly heavier than a usual muckung-out fork.

Build in Germany

Gabelmaxx is assembled in Germany, most of its parts are "made in Germany".

The handle

At the completely newly designed handle of high-quality pp-plastics, cast and produced elabrorately in Germany, you can find the red pushbutton for activating the gabelmaxx. In order to be able to reach the charging socket easily and quickly, it is as well fitted into the handle.

  • Solid and stable handle with charging socket
  • High quality cast part of polyamide DURETHAN AC 30
  • Suitable for right- and left-handers
  • Safe and easy: release and auto-off

The fork

Every fork tooth of solid plastic material begins to vibrate if you press the red push button at the handle and thus separate the bedding from the horse dung, saving up to 50% of time. The fork part - like any other high quality part of Gabelmaxx - can, of course, be exchanged (only 26,50€ in our shop).

The fork teeth, which vibrate in a frequency that took several months to be cleverly worked out separate bedding from the horse dung significantly quicker and tidier than a usual muckung-out fork. In this case, saving up to 30% of bedding is possible. Gabelmaxx' higher purchase costs in comparison with a normal mucking-out fork will thus frequently be amortized within a few months.

Video: Getting started

Gabelmaxx does not only help saving time and bedding, but it also protects arms and joints", as Oliver Sturm (Silver Diamond-Ranch) confirms. "A significant advantage also lies in the protection of the joints and arms of our staff."

The internet portal also confirms the advantages. "You really cannot work any more economically than with gabelmaxx. I am delighted."


The advantages of Gabelmaxx are measurable and highly estimated in the specialist press.

Save up to 30% of bedding

You can save up to 30% of bedding by using Gabelmaxx. This is done by the vibration of the fork teeth in a certain frequency. This has been confirmed in a test done by Oliver Sturm (Silver Diamond Ranch).

Save up to 50 % of time

The journal "equitrends" holds the following opinion: "The time advantage can be felt the most clearly if you muck out for a second time." You save not only a lot of time, but also al lot of physical power and you will protect your joints because of the vibrating fork teeth.

Made in Germany

Gabelmaxx was developed and tested in Germany/Bavaria. The product is assembled in Germany and consists, except for very few parts, for example the accumulators, of parts "made in Germany" only.

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